Banking with HSBC (Sri Lanka)

Writing about my banking matters on a publicly read blog may not sound like the greatest idea but still I felt I had to share this. Not to sound a HSBC fanboy, but they are by far the best banking experience I have had. This may be something specific to me and HSBC due to my requirements and interests when it comes to banking.

I used to bank with a series of local banks since the time I had any actual banking requirements. About several years back I started out with some services at HSBC due to a offer as I remember. Eventually I dropped off all dealings with other banks and stuck to HSBC on all my personal banking. Until the day I would have walked into a bank facility to get something done not more than ten times. Everything else just gets done between credit cards/ATM/Phone and Online banking. This clearly says something.

HSBC as I know it, had the focus (at least in Sri Lanka) of minimizing the cost on resources and automating as many services as possible. I think they have been very successful at not only achieving this focus but also growing their trust and quality in their services. This works perfectly well for a person like me. I like to get things done from where I am than having to go around all day long (on second thought thats something anyone would like). So online banking is my holy grail of all financial matters. From managing accounts, credit cards, loans, transfers to paying utility bills and anything else you can think of, all controlled from one screen. Anything beyond that mostly gets done through a phone call.

One of the important factors in any business is customer care. This is handled well at HSBC may it be in facility or over the phone. I never feel that I have to wast my time to get something done, mostly because of the way I am treated. I dont want to get started on all the offers and facilities that are provided with banking and credit cards. Its something definitely worth looking at if you are in Sri Lanka. There is also something new coming up every now and then that you can benefit out of.

If you were looking for the part where I share the details of my bank accounts and pin numbers, you are out of luck. All in all for me things just get done with HSBC and isn’t that what we all need. HSBC – Thanks for everything so far and dont screw up in future as well! 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Banking with HSBC (Sri Lanka)

  1. Grossly oppose mate,

    In concerning with their systems, one shop web, all services at one point, yes I appreciate, I like and I’m tremendously delighted.

    But the people at the bank are not customer oriented, having no heart, having no feelings and common sense, they are just plain machines who repasts every now and then like parrots.

    There should be a customer oriented architecture rather than system depicting, As far as I know the top management of HSBC is clean and nice. But the bottom peoples closed to customer are plain bulls who take them as high and mighty.

    Need to mention that, its all matters are customers and the employees should not eat them.

    I’m grossly oppose to the way they handle customers, Its not good and ethical, yet their systems are best and i vow for it.

  2. Thanks for the comment mate.

    I guess its a matter of opinion since at the time I wrote the post itself I knew that there would be many who may disagree. Thankfully I have always had a good experience with them.

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