Multitasking on iOS4 – iPhone

[tweetmeme source=”@hiraash” only_single=false]I was just too excited when the iOS4 was out, not just because of all the features but because the iphone dev team released the unlock for baseband 5.12.x. Yes I had upgraded my baseband by mistake during the firmware upgrade of 3.1.3 and lost my unlock. I was using a iPod out of my iPhone 3G for months. Since in this part of the world we wont have the luxury of getting a iPhone 4 for sometime, I’m going to have to use the 3G with iOS4 on it.  So I had to jailbreak it before I can get the unlock and features like multitasking.

So one of the most desired and spoken feature of the iOS4 is multitasking. I have always wanted to have proper multitasking on the iPhone since I was used to Windows Mobile Phones that already had it. When I first started using the iOS4 and the multitasking feature, it turned out to be a sheer disappointment.


  1. When it comes to multitasking the first thing you would expect is to be able to tell the app to close or keep running in the background when you exit it. Apple seemed have completely missed this part.
  2. First when I tried it, every time I exit a app it seemed to show up in the open app list that comes up at the bottom on the double tap of the home button. But when I go back into a 3rd party app, it seemed to start over again losing its previous state. Yes the app actually needs to support multitasking before it could be used with the iOS4 multitasking feature. So this means I have to wait for all my app vendors to give me an update.
  3. After using the phone for sometime, since I open a bunch of apps, they all show up in the opened app list creating a clutter in the view. Now I have to scroll around to find that app I need to switch to. This actually will be solved if problem 1 was solved.
  4. I really expected they would build it in such way that I could scroll through the running apps just like you would scroll through the open pages of iPhone safari browser. I guess this was just personal 🙂Safari multi page view

Even-though I was disappointed, I have to say, having some level of multitasking on the iPhone is really cool. It helps when using with the native iPhone apps. Eventually when 3rd party app vendors start updating their apps, multitasking may become much more useful.