Wordpress.com and Domain Names

So naturally the first thing I wanted to do once I setup the wordpress site (which was ridiculously easy and fun to do) was to direct my domain name blog.hiraash.org to the wordpress domain hiraash.wordpress.com. Of course I could have used a redirect which would send anyone to hiraash.wordpress.com directly, but I wanted to map my domain to the word press domain. This way whoever visits any of the above domains would end up in blog.hiraash.com.

As I went into the Upgrades->Domain section of the WordPress dashboard to get this done. It directed me to purchase a Domain Mapping that costs $9.97/per year (which is quite a nominal fee). It took just few steps for me to get it done.

  1. Type in my domain name (blog.hiraash.org) and hit the add button
  2. In the next page I was instructed to add a CNAME entry in my domain services settings, which would point the domain to my wordpress domain.
  3. Once I have done that, wordpress.com would be able to see it and allow me to purchase the mapping.
  4. Once payment is completed I could see blog.hiraash.org in my domain list.
  5. After I set my domain name as the primary domain in wordpress I was done.

Not quite so really! Now as I visit blog.hiraash.org I was getting into a redirect loop between blog.hiraash.org and hiraash.wordpress.com. Got me wondering why this was happening and I started digging deeper, where I found all these useful posts from WordPress support (listed below). None of them resolved my issue though :(. So I went ahead and changed my primary domain to hiraash.wordpress.com which would make my blog.hiraash.org work as a simple redirect only. This meant that I had payed $9.97 for absolutely nothing.

Then again I wanted to try my luck later and I set the blog.hiraash.org as the primary domain in wordpress to see the problem had magically resolved itself :-). I couldn’t find an explanation as to why this had happened. However domain settings do take up to 72 hours to reflect in all name servers, still that could not be held as a reason to a redirect loop. Now im rolling with my subdomain URL http://blog.hiraash.org

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